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Ma3Route is a Nairobi-based mobile/web/SMS platform that crowd-sources transport data. However, only limited information is offered on a geographic, map-based interface.
Our team is working on creating an interactive map feature and database system that can be integrated with Ma3Route's existing platforms, that geolocates real-time tweets of various users, categorizes them, and places them into a base map. This new feature can allow people to, at one glance, get real-time, map-based information about what is happening around them.

Explore the Map

This map includes tweets from 5 hours ago to right now!

New Features

An Interactive Map

Our map will be fun and interactive, as users can choose categories of information they wish to see, as well as zoom into specific areas for more details.

Geolocated Tweets

We use a simple algorithm that adds geolocation data to 30-40% of currently non-geolocated tweets.

Categorized Information

Our map includes three main categories of information (traffic, accidents and rain/floods). These categories were identified based on feedback from user focus group sessions.

Real Time Information

The map will include regularly refreshed, real-time updates from Ma3Route's twitter feed, as well as potentially other feeds.

Our Team

Shin Bin Tan

Shin Bin is a former urban planner from Singapore, a current urban planning student at MIT, and a future expert in all things urban (fingers crossed).

Scott Margeson

Scott is an urban planning student at MIT pursuing his interests in digital cities and social justice.

Andres Achury

Andres is a candidate for the Masters of City Planning at MIT. He is interested in how big data and social networks analysis can enable better decision-making on urban issues